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   Some stuff from NATION'S RESTAURANT NEWS.


9 July 1973, NRN, pg. 9, col. 5:

_La. restaurant men back_
_2-day Creole food bash_
   The occasion?  The fifth annual New Orleans Food Festival held June 30-31.
   _"The Originator"_
   Although several state restaurant groups currently sponsor similar spectacles, the Louisiana Assn claims to be the originator of the food festival concept.  It ran the first feast in '68, held outdoors at Jackson Square and Pirate's Alley in the city's French Quarter.  Expectations that year were for 3,000 participants--12,000 came.


22 May 1972, NRN, pp. 56-57.  Photos are on page 57.  The copy on page 56:
   Our Regular, Crinkle, Thin, SLim, Shoestring, Zig Zag, Half-inch, Wrinkle-Crinkle, Steak, Home, Ranch Style, and Cosmo Fries from Idaho.
   Something for everyone.

12 November 1973, NRN, pg. 16, cols. 2-5.  Ad for Simplot shows Chredded Hash Browns, Tater Dollars, Cottage Fries, Tri-Taters, Potato Sticks, and Tater Gems.

10 December 1973, NRN. pg. 24, col. 1.  Ad for "Lamb's 'kitchen-cut' Steak House Fries."


   Alka Seltzer ads had "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."
   This photo caption is from NRN, 8 May 1972, pg. 37, col. 2:

   _I Ate The Whole Thing!_
Over two feet of Italian grinder sandwich is the big seller at the Pizza House, Charlottesville, Va.  Owner Douglas F. Gibson displays a grinder stuffed with Italian sausage, ham, meat balls, Genoa salami, capicolla, tuna, cooked salami, roast beef, roast pork, turkey and prosciutinni.  Loaves of bread for the grinders are baked daily on the premises.

SALAD BAR (continued)

   "Salad Bars: almost a regular menu item" is in NRN, 16 April 1973, pg. 2, cols. 1-5.
   "Quiche Bar" from Le Joint in Manhattan's Time-Life Building, is in NRN, 17 September 1973, pg. 1, cols. 2-3.
   "Condiment Dispenser Includes Sneeze Guard" is in NRN, 14 February 1971, pg. 43, col. 4.

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