Boom Netting

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Tue Dec 19 21:49:34 UTC 2000

He said, "Do you speaka my language?"  I just smiled and gave him a vegemite

BOOM NETTING--One of the various activities you can do down under.  It's
swimming in a boom net (to protect against sharks?).

BIG SMOKE--"...'Big Smoke,' as us Kiwis affectionately call Auckland."  OUT
THERE NEW ZEALAND 2001, pg. 90, col. 1.

SCARFIES--"Thousands of 'scarfies' (translated=university students)..."  OUT
THERE NEW ZEALAND 20001, pg. 98, col. 1.

WWOOFING--"WWOOFING  The Australian Cultural Experience.  Work for food &
accommodation...wwoof at" THE WORD, Oct-Dec 2000, pg. 52, col.
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