Harry's Cafe de Wheels (and other food)

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Wed Dec 20 09:54:48 UTC 2000

   I just had a dinner of "Foster's beer-battered fish & chips."  Isn't that
redundant?  (Foster's=Australian for beer.)
   Nearby (Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo, Sydney) was Harry's Cafe de
Wheels, "world famous since 1945."  Harry's has a "Hot Dog de Wheels" and a
"Harry's Chilli Dog."  It's famous for the "Pie 'n' Pea."  My driver calls it
a "pie floater."  You turn the pie upside down and drench it in gravy.  It's
supposedly good and soldiers supposedly loved it.
   The nearby Sienna Marina Restaurant & Bar has a "Roquette Salad" of
"Rocket leaves, bocconcino cheese, parmesan shavings, sun-dried tomatoes and
charred sough (sic) dough, served with balsamic dressing."  The salad is very
popular here, but it's almost always spelled "Rocket Salad."  The one I had
last night was pretty good, although it didn't take me to the moon.
   Kingsley's Steak & Crabhouse (www.steak.com.au or www.crabs.com.au) on the
pier offers a "Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter" and a "Striploin (New York)."

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