Tiddly Oggie; Mock Rock, Platypusary

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Sat Dec 23 05:24:59 UTC 2000

   Greetings from Melbourne.


  Sold in the Victoria Market by Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses (1901),
www.ferguson-plarre.com.au, cakeman at ferguson-plarre.com.au.

ORIGINAL TIDDLY OGGIE--potato, carrots, onions and lean beef encased in falky
puff pastry
SPINACH AND POTATO TIDDLY OGGIE--spinach, potato, bacon, onion and fetta
cheese in puff pastry with poppy seed topping
CHEESE AND ONION TIDDLY OGGIE--cheese, onion, potato in a puff pastry with
melted cheese topping

   The woman there said that the name "tiddly oggie" was thought to be Welch,
but her Welch customers disagreed.  She said that they've made it since 1901,
but it didn't always have that name.
   I haven't seen the name anywhere else around the world.


I saw a kangaroo
And an emu, too
At the zoo.
Didn't you?

   There is something called the Sidney Myers Platypusary at the Melbourne
Royal Zoological Gardens.  "Platypusary" probably doesn't have many uses, but
it's still fun.  The guide said that tourists love the name.
  The zoo has plenty of "mock rock."  I don't know what the OED revision has
for this.


   Various signs:

"Coca-Cola" 18-pack
Anzacs "Lowfat"
"Ernest Hillrey" Xmas Stocking

  Why do Australians love quotes so much?

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