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   The awful Rydges hotel restaurant I ate at had "A.C.P.," which is
"Avocado, Sesame Chicken and crispy Panchetta Salad with Cress Mix and Red
Wine Vinaigrette."
   I was told that "ACP" is widely used (like "BLT").
   The hotel bar has:

TOBLERONE--Kahlua, Baileys, Frangelico, cream and chocolate
VIOLET CRUMBLE--a blend of Butterscotch Schnapps, Baileys, Kahlua and cream
with chocolate shavings

   The Pancake Parlour Restaurant in Melbourne (www.pancakeparlour.com.au)
had this on the mention, which I'll have to check:

_Tabriz_--World-famous delicate French crepes rolled around ground beef
cooked in red wine with herbs, onions, tomatoes, and other delights.


   Joe Pickett (of AHD) and Fred Mish (of M-W) are mentioned in Safire's
column this Sunday.  Remember the Safire rules--you lose the right to
whatever you say.  It can be quoted correctly or incorrectly, and you have no
recourse.  They don't even have to spell your name correctly.
   This week's column is "seize the moment"--something that's not new by any
means.  Robin Williams said "carpe diem" in THE DEAD POETS SOCIETY and the
"seize" thing was hot then--in 1989!
   Safire asks help from his readers--on "2+2 is 4" or "2 + 2 are 4."
   He doesn't ask his readers for help on "the Big Apple."  He doesn't ask if
anyone knows about the missing EVENING GRAPHIC.  He doesn't ask if anyone
still alive knows who John J. Fitz Gerald was.  He still won't even spell a
dead man's name correctly.
   No, Safire asks his readers about two plus two!
   I'm gonna be sick.

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