Yiros (Gyro, continued)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon Dec 25 08:34:17 UTC 2000

   Merry Christmas from Adelaide, Australia.


   Yiro is the term used in Australia.
   I was told that Melbourne has the most Greeks outside of Greece.  After
WWII, they came in droves.
   I stayed right by Melbourne University.  Unfortunately, it was closed.
All I needed was half a day for Yiro and Milk Bar.
   Sorry about that.


AUSSIE DOG--as served as the BJ Takeaway, it's with tomato sauce.

FARMERS DOG--with BBQ sauce.

WONDER DOG--with bacon, cheese, and onion at the same place.

CHIKO ROLL--served everywhere in Australia.

FRITZ SANDWICH--I was told it's a Devon Sandwich in certain areas.


MAGDALLA--no one knows what this is, but the closed BJ's had it under Light

SHISKABURGER--served at the Fast Eddys Cafe chain.  It's tender marinated
lamb fillet with salad in pita bread.


DOORSTOPS--One closed place advertised Rolls, Sandwiches, Foccacia,
Doorstops, Quiche, Savory Pies.

PASTIES--served everywhere.  Another name for Tiddly Oggie.

AUSSIE BREAKFAST--as served at Gilberty Place Pancake House in Adelaide, it's
two farm fresh eggs, two buttermilk pancakes, grilled bacon, and tomatoes.

POWERNAP AREA--rest stops for drivers on every highway.

UTE--I was told this has been in use for Utility Vehicles since the 1940s.
Is "Cute Ute" Aussie?

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