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>Do not know or understand what Gullah dialect is.  Believe southern, any

A direct link to the continent of Africa exist in the Sea Islands of the
United States. In the islands that are a part of South Carolina, Georgia,
and North Florida, Gullah and Geechee culture began during the enslavement
of African people in America. It is directly related to the African
traditional cultures of the people of Windward or Rice Coast of West
Africa. Due to isolation on islands off the coast, the African people there
did not have too much contact with people of other races except Native
Americans. Thus, they were able to maintain their culture, language, and
traditions unlike African people that were living on the "mainland." Gullah
and Geechee Sea Islanders transformed these traditions into a new and
distinct African American culture.

See Also:

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                 The Crucible of Carolina : Essays in the Development of
Gullah Language and Culture by Michael Montgomery
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Language by Virginia Mixson Geraty
                 The Gullah People and Their African Heritage by William
Pollitzer & David Moltke-Hansen
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American Culture by Marquetta Goodwine

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