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Wed Dec 27 04:22:27 UTC 2000

>Summary: What's the distribution of semantic restrictions on "nookie"?
>A woman on the lois-bujold discussion list posted the following paragraph
>about characters in one of this author's books:
>So I'm wondering if this difference is generational, geographic, or what? I
>haven't asked these informants for their characteristics in those respects,
>though I see that one has a Ph.D. and another uses a Canadian ISP. I'm
>bcc-ing them on this note.
>-- Mark A. Mandel

The RHHDAS entry has at least two entries that suggest "nookie"
(first cite, 1928) can be used by women for their sexual adventures
or outlet providers.

1943  in P. Smith Letter from Father 321:  She loved her "nookey".

1965 Friedman Totempole 274:  "Nooky-nooky!" Melody shouted at a young woman.

There are a number of others that are ambiguous or hard to tell, but
as most of the sources involve heterosexual males in search of (as
the definition puts it) "Sexual intercourse or a sexual partner", so
inevitably (if not analytically) the contexts involve women/girls
depicted as sexual quarry for men/boys.  There's also the sense 'the
vagina--usu. considered vulgar', and the related entries "nookie
bookie" (pimp or madam) and "nookie house" (what you'd think, but the
cite has the piquant expression "You birds couldn't raise a bamboo
dildo in a Bangkok nooky house".  And if anyone's wondering,
"nookie/nookey/nooky/nucky" is origin unknown.


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