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>>>An excellent example of biased surveying (not to mention the
>>>faulty notion that much of African-American speech in the North
>>>might not represent the southern background of the speakers).



>>>Us southerners who use cock = pussy are amazed at the "uneducated"
>>>suggestion. I suppose y'all educated speakers write "pussy" in
>>>y'all's books?
>No doubt many refined and erudite ladies and gentlemen use "cock" =
>"pussy", but the persons I happened to hear it from in the Detroit area
>weren't bookish sorts -- they weren't southerners either, IIRC. I haven't
>seen it much in books to this day; surely I've seen "cock" = "penis" 1000
>times as often ... maybe I've been tending toward Yankee authors. "Pussy"
>certainly is very common in fine literature: remember Ian Fleming's Pussy
>Galore? [No doubt somewhere there is an analogous character named Lotta
>Cock but I think I've missed that work so far.]
>Most northerners don't use "cock" = "pussy" or even understand it AFAIK,
>but the derivative "cockhound" is more generally used, I think. Just my
>casual impressions.
>-- Doug Wilson

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