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Fri Dec 29 12:26:40 UTC 2000

   Greetings from Cairns, Australia.
   I am at the Great Barrier Reef.  The weather here is humid as all hell.
So what do the restaurants all serve?  Cappuccino!  Hot tea!  I haven't seen
a bottle or can of iced tea anywhere!  Yet, you'll find iced coffee, iced
chocolate, and plenty of smoothie shops!  I mentioned "iced tea" and the
counter guy just laughed!
   Here's a sample of the stuff around town:

BEACH BURGER--McDonald's has this for a limited time.  "WIth sizzling bacon
and juicy pineapple."

AUSSIE PIZZA--tomato, ham, cheese, egg, onion
AUSSIE PIZZA--tomato, ham, cheese, eggs, onion, oregano
AUSTRALIANA PIZZA--tomato, cheese, smoked bacon and egg
(Three different places--ed.)

FNG (veg) PIZZA--mushroom, capsicum, tomato, pineapple, cheese and onion.

B.L.A.T.--toasted bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato.  (From the Coffee

ICED TEA (All spotted at the Coffee Cafe.)

MUGGACCINO--A creamy milk coffee, topped with a mountain of froth and
finished off with a chocolate powder sprinkle.
MELLOCCINO--We take a frothy Coffee Club Cappuccino, serve it in a classic
Irish whiskey glass and add chewy marshmallows to create a sweet sensation
that is The Coffee Club Melloccino.  The perfect dessert coffee.
(Both at the Coffee Club.  I didn't see a website, but it looks like a

FROG IN A HOLE (Breakfast--not described--served at Marbella.)

SALAD BUGS--Cooked bug, served cold in the shell,with cocktail sauce.
MORNAY BUGS--Bug meat cooked with a white cheese sauce, served on rice, au
CARLTON BUGS--Bug meat golden fried in Australia's favourite beer
batter,served with chilli, plum sauce, fruit, and salad.

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