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On vendredi 29 décembre 2000 18:52, Greg Pulliam <pulliam at IIT.EDU> wrote:
>In the movie "Ride with the Devil" there is a reference to the
>western Missouri creek the "Sny-a-bar."  Also, my dad remembers folks
>referring to what he thinks was an ox-bow lake near Hannibal as "the
>Sny" when he was growing up.
>Is anyone familiar with "sny"?

Not me, but:

The USGS Geographic names directory (
) includes nothing under the name "SnY-a-Bar" anywhere in Missouri or the US but
includes the following under "SnI-a-Bar" or "sni" for Missouri and nowhere else in the
US. No interesting results are returned under "snie" or "sny".

Note: Jackson and Lafayette Counties adjoin, so this name is really a single
geographic occurence there. Sni Island is a separate occurence and is identified as "A
portion of the former river bottom on the Mississippi River that today is exposed because
of a change of course in the river."

Sni Hills MO    Jackson area    UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Sni Island MO   Marion  island        UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN Unknown
Sni Mill MO     Jackson locale  385629N 0941002W        Tarsney Lakes
Sni Mills MO    Jackson pop place       385627N 0940756W        Tarsney Lakes
Sni Mills Church MO     Jackson church  385612N 0940814W        Tarsney Lakes
Sni-A-Bar MO    Lafayette       locale  390627N 0935514W        Odessa North
Sni-A-Bar Creek MO      Lafayette       stream  390826N 0935807W        Lexington West
Sni-A-Bar, Township of MO       Jackson civil   390101N 0941515W        Blue Springs
Sni-A-Bar, Township of MO       Lafayette       civil   385840N 0935936W        Odessa South

A search for "sny", "snie" and "sni"  under the Canadian Geographic names ( ) turns up:

Name :  The Snye
Province/Territory :    Alberta
Feature type :  Channel
Location :      89-9-W4
Latitude - Longitude :  56° 44' 00" N - 111° 22' 00" W
NTS Map :       074D11
CGNDB Unique Identifier :       IAJOV

A search for any of the above terms at the Australian mapping agency ( ) and the New Zealand Geographic Place-Names
Database ( ) turns up nothing.

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