Greetings from Angkor Wat in Cambodia

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Wed Jan 5 06:36:43 UTC 2000

   Greetgins from Angkor Wat in Cambodia...In the CNN story on the Sixth extinction, half called species Spe-SEES and half Spe-SHEES.
   "Cambodian sauce" is lime, salt, pepper.
   These drinks are from the Juliana Hotel in Pnom Penh:

JULIANA DELIGHT--blue curacoa, tequila, cointreau, lemon, sugar
SIEM REAP (where Angkor is located--ed.)--gin, cherry herring, D.O.M., lemon, grenadine, soda
SIHANOUK VILLE--rum, crem de menth green, pineapple juice, lemon
MEKONG RIVER--tequila, bourbon, whisky, grand marnier, grenadine, white egg

   From the Hotel D'Angkor (Raffles, Inc.), Traveller's Bar:

AIRAVATA--rum, coconut juice, malibu, sugar cane crem de banana, lemon juice

  More antiquities--gotta run!...Did that Sault St. Marie college come out with its word-of-the-year list yet?

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