Banned Words

Ronald Kephart rkephart at UNF.EDU
Thu Jan 6 15:15:25 UTC 2000

>I don't think that injury is a prerequisite to being redshirted. Sometimes
>players are red shirted 'cause there's just too many good ones.

I think that would just get you not on the team.  The major reason
for being redshirted is that if you transfer from one school to
another you can't compete for your new school for one year. In my
case, I transferred to William and Mary as a cross-country runner.  I
ran in the races my first year, but I didn't count in the scoring and
I couldn't wear the team uniform, which I think is what the "red
shirt" refers to.

Ronald Kephart
English & "Foreign" Languages
University of North Florida

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