Nose-bag, Nosebag

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon Jan 10 05:08:02 UTC 2000

    The RHHDAS has "_nosebag_...a lunch bag, lunchbox, or dinner pail" from
    No earlier citation (for this meaning) is on the Making of America
database, which has:

1853--Henry Stephens's THE FARMER'S GUIDE...  "Nose-bag" meaning a feedbag
for horses is on page 157.
1859--Elliot Storke's DOMESTIC AND RURAL AFFAIRS.  Uses "nosebag" on page 64
and "nose-bag" on pages 29 and 44.
1861--Henry Lee Scott's MILITARY DICTIONARY.  "Nose-bag" is used on two pages.

    I don't have Microsoft's ENCARTA WORLD DICTIONARY with me.  As you know,
the etymologies in that book are just wonderful. :-)

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