American pronunciation of ''semi''

Lars Anders Kulbrandstad lars.kulbrandstad at LUH.HIHM.NO
Tue Jan 11 12:55:03 UTC 2000

Dear ADS-L-subscribers,

I send the query below on behalf of a colleague of mine in the English
department. He would very much appriciate your

Lars Anders Kulbrandstad
Department of Norwegian
Faculty of Teacher Education
Hedmark College


Are there any speakers of American English who could help sort out an
argument* on the pronunciation of "semi"?
In British English it rhymes with "Demi" - the actress. Does this
pronunciation occur in AmE?

Is the standard pronunciation one that rhymes with "gem" + "I"?

I have also heard a pronunciation rhyming with "see"+"my"? Is this on
the increase?

If these three pronunciations are found in AmE.' are they social
variations - relating to age, occupation etc?

(*The winner of this argument stands to win 10 cents. So it is obviously

a matter that deserves careful attention.)

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