belated WOTY

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Jan 11 13:45:54 UTC 2000

At 5:32 PM -0500 1/10/00, Miller, Jerry wrote:
>Dennis: No, I'd say, "He's changing the play at the line of scrimmage," or,
>"He's calling a new play at the line of scrimmage" - there's really no need
>to note that it is "audible" (and, as we saw this past weekend, in Minnesota
>and Seattle, it isn't always).
>Jerry Miller
Yes, and instead of "table" we could refer to "that flat raised supported
piece of furniture on which we often put books, computers, meals, and other
items", but "table" does seem more economical.  As does "audibilize",
whatever its lineage, compared with "change the play at the line of


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