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Fri Jan 14 21:27:43 UTC 2000

We have a request for information here. If you can help, please email her
directly at
zalibaba at
as well as maybe posting to ADS-L. Thanks - Allan Metcalf
I'm a graduate student at Columbia University's School
of Journalism, and I'm making a radio documentary
about New York accents. I was referred to you by Vivan
Ducat, who is working on the sequel to her
documentary, The Story of English.

I am looking for linguist, socio-linguists and other
language professionals who can speak about New York

The project will focus on the acquisition and
elimination of New York accents; how New York accents
affect perception in terms of things like education,
class, etc.; the different kinds of New York accents
based on class, borough and ethnicity; and, how or if
New York accents are changing as the ethnic
populations of the city changes.

In addition to an academic component, I am also
including average New Yorkers, famous New Yorkers
(last week I interviewed Ed Koch) and archival sound.

Any leads you can suggest would be greatly
appreciated(preferrably in the NY Metropolitan area,
but not
that's not absolutely necessary).

Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to
hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Alicia Zuckerman
212/678-2336 home
646/234-4854 cell
abz3 at (alt e-mail)

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