going dead, getting dead

Sun Jan 16 06:53:54 UTC 2000

        Beverly Flanigan wrote:
        >I haven't heard this one, but I heard something else new (to me)
the other
        >night, on "Law and Order" (which I watched for the first time and
just "on
        >accident"):  A young girl accused of murder said of her victim, "He
        >went dead"--as if on accident.  I'm reminded of the old "He up and
        >also as if accidentally.  Is "went dead" familiar to others?

        Beverly: First, you don't have to apologize for watching "Law and
Order" on accident or otherwise - with "The West Wing," it is the only
two-hour block worth watching these days. I hadn't heard "went dead" before,
either, but, remember, in the L&W episode, it was spoken by a six(or
eight?)-year-old sociopath, so I don't think it was intended to represent
(or reflect) a common usage.

        Jerry Miller

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