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Barnhart barnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM
Sun Jan 16 19:36:26 UTC 2000

Dear Herb,

The Nexis search brought up 19,774 articles with "on .... accident."  A
search through these found a couple very recent articles.  I shifted to
searching from the earliest to the most recent and found my first hit at

   ... a lot more confidence," he said.  "I felt that now, if there was
any big situation or tough games, I would have the ability to go out there
and win. I knew I wasn't just going out there, hoping for luck, and maybe
win  on accident.  And after that, it (this season) was pretty much a
piece of cake."  Barbie Ludovise, "A Loss Becomes A Lesson; Servite's
Ferguson Wasn't Stalled By Rocky Start," _Los Angeles Times_ (Nexis), May
4, 1987, Sport sect., p 13

Your observation about frequency in print is certainly my take on this too.

David Barnhart
barnhart at highlands.com

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