on accident

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Here's a usageaster hot on the trail of "on accident." - Allan Metcalf


Uncle Chuck's Grammar Tips
. . .
Very Common Mistakes

These mistakes are so bad, and sound so bad, they can actually cause physical
pain to an educated listener (well it seems that way!). Never use any of
these in a job interview, or in anything you publish (such as a web page)
unless you are writing "in character" (ie. trying to sound uneducated).

       I ain't got nobody. (1,2,3 mistakes)
       You did good.
       Becky and me went shopping.
       Where are you going to?
       Our continuing mission is to boldly go where no one as gone before.
       It don't work.
       Today was funner than yesterday.
       The dog is itching himself.
       I did it on accident.

. . .


It is correct to say "on purpose," but you must use "by accident" not "on
accident." "On accident" is completely wrong and should never be used.

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