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Mon Jan 17 17:29:59 UTC 2000

Regarding the issue of "jimmying," here in the Hawkeye state the equivalent
term for “jimmying” (in terms of recreational, off-road driving) is

I do recall one episode of the television program Beavis and Butthead where
the P.E. teacher, Mr. Buzzcut, orders Butthead to “kick me in the jimmy.”
But I’m positive that usage is of a different context.

Regarding the ensuing discussion of “jimmys,” I believe more common terms
here in the Midwest are “four-bys,” “4X4s” or “four-wheel-drives.”

Mike Salovesh’s observation that “Putting the average driver in control of
4WD is like handing out loaded pistols in kindergarten [sic]” is prophetic.
In Iowa, SUVs driven by people who feel invincible are commonly the first
vehicles in the ditch following a fresh blanket of snow or coating of ice on
the highways.

Mr. Salovesh further states that “In any situation where four wheel drive is
necessary, the average driver would be lots better off sending for a tow
truck.” The c.w. on this is that the four-wheel option should only be used
in situations where the vehicle has become stuck while driving in the
two-wheel drive setting. This leaves four-wheel as an option to utilize to
effectively extract the vehicle from its predicament. I only wish my best
friend had heeded this advice years ago when on a four-wheeling adventure he
buried his father’s brand new (70 actual miles) Dodge pick-up to its axles
in a frozen creek bed.

Fortunately, after I had hiked 20 miles in subzero cold, a local friend who
owned a Ford 460 with a fifth-wheel hitch answered his phone. After a lot of
smoke, burnt rubber and prayer, all was well. Perhaps this will metamorphose
to a discussion on the origins of “fifth-wheel” as a term for a trailer

Regarding Mr. Salovesh’s Leatherman/Swiss Army knife reference, I’ll stick
to a simple pocket knife to go along with my front-wheel drive sedan,
thanks. How many wars has the Swiss army won, anyway?


-Mitch Cumstein
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