Off-topic: SUV owners

Bob Haas highbob at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Jan 17 19:32:26 UTC 2000

on 1/17/00 1:53 PM, A. Vine at avine at ENG.SUN.COM wrote:

This is off topic, but it's fun.  Andrea, your points are great, but I don't
think Mike meant, and I know I didn't, anything against folk with a
legitimate need for off-road vehicles.  He said that folks that need a truck
should drive one.

> Out here in California, you have no choice if you go to the Sierras in bad
> weather:  4-wheel drive with mud and snow tires, or chains.  Putting on chains
> in wet slush is not my idea of fun.

As an outdoorsperson, you would certainly seem to qualify.  And you're
right; putting on chains AFTER you need them is no walk in the park.  Messy.

> I am pretty sick of wanton SUV bashing.  There are just as many idiots driving
> BMW sedans, Volvo wagons, and Honda Civics.  Yes, SUVs use more gas, and that
> is
> offensive.  For this reason I often either carpool or take the bus to work.
> But
> sometimes I have to go places where the buses don't go.

Bashing folk for wasting gas hardly seems wanton to me.  The truckification
of American (that term courtesy of the car guys on CAR TALK) with its
concomitant fuel is truly wanton.  I admit I do have a problem with the
folks who drive these huge land yachts (Expedition, Navigator) simply
because they look cooler than a mini-van, when the mini-van would probably
be more useful, would certainly offer better access, and could not waste any
more gas.
> Another nice benfit to driving a truck as a woman - men bother you less.  They
> don't try to cut you off or shoot at you.  I am not kidding.

California is a rough place.  You should drive a truck, and a fast one.


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