COME HITHER'S "Glossary of Scene Slang"

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Tue Jan 18 00:50:51 UTC 2000

by Dr. Gloria G. Brame
Simon & Schuster, 2000
335 pages paperback, $13

    A "commonsense" guide to kinky sex?...It's tax-free week on clothing in
New York City.  Borders Books didn't accept my argument that I plan to use
this book as a party hat.
    There's nothing much new here.  No photos and no footnotes.  The
bibliography doesn't even have dates that the books were published.  The
author's DIFFERENT LOVING was a more scholarly study.  The author is on the
web at (the site has been visited about 450,000
times).  Also, the author has chats on AOL every Monday at 10 p.m.
    For a definitive word guide, try the "Deviants' Dictionary" at
    The Appendix, "Speaking the Kinky Lingo," has a Glossary of Scene Slang
on pages 307-321.  I'll just list the words:

Adult Babies; Age-Play; Animal Training; B&D; BDSM; Bear; Bi-Kinky;
Biological Female/Male; Black Party; Blood Sports; Body Modification; Body
Worship; Bootboy; Bottom; Boy; Breath Control; Brown SHowers; Butch; CBT,
CBTT (cock-and-ball torture); Collaring; The Community; D&S; Daddy; Dominant;
Dungeon; Edge-Play; Electro-Play/Electrotorture; Fat Admirer; Femme; Fisting;
Flag/Flagging; Foot-Play; Foot Worship; Forced Feminization; French Maid;
Gender Dysphobia; Gender Fuck; Golden Showers; Gorean Master; Head-Play;
Kajira; Kin-Friendly; Kink-Positive; LDR (long-distance relationship); LTR
(long-term relationship); Leather Culture; Leather Family;
Leathermen/Leatherwomen; The Lifestyle; Lifestylers; Limits; Master/Mistress;
Messy; Mind Games; Munch; Negotiation; New Guard; Old Guard; Pain SLut; Pain
Threshold; Pansexuality; Panty Training; Petticoat Training or Petticoating;
Percussion-Play; Permanent vs. Play Piercing; Play; Play-Partner;
Play-Space/Playroom; Ponyboy/Ponygirl; Power Exchange; Puppy; Pushy (or
Greedy) Sub; R/T (real time); SAM (smart ass masochist); SM; Safe, Sane and
COnsensual; Safe Word; Sash Queen; Scat; Session; Sharps; Sissy; Slave; Slave
Contract; Subspace; Switch; TPE (total power exchange); 24/7; Toilet Slave;
Top; Top's Disease; Toys; Tranny-Chasers; Transgendered/Transgenderist;
Transvestite; Transsexual; Vanilla; Verbal Abuse; Watersports; WIITWD (What
It Is That We Do).

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