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Tue Jan 18 02:59:17 UTC 2000

I apologize in advance for consuming additional bandwidth on this topic
which is a bit far afield from the list,
but to me, the SUV phenomenon was best characterized by that wonderful
episode of "The Simpsons" where Marge Simpson, proud owner of a new SUV,
has it go to her head, and she runs amuck on the highways and has to be
   Chuck Grandgent

Stephanie Hysmith wrote:
> Perhaps you are environmentally responsible driving your SUV. My sister
> just bought a Suburban conversion van and loves it. Her husband is happy
> that he can haul the recycling to the dump in the back. My husband and I
> are quite content to drive our 1979 Dodge pick-up which does not have 4WD,
> can hold 3/4 of a ton of firewood and gets borrowed frequently by friends
> and neighbors. The key's always in it if you need it.
> At 10:53 AM 01/17/2000 -0800, you wrote:
> >I have not quoted Mike's diatribe against people who drive SUVs.
> >
> >Thank you, Mike.  I drive one.  I have found it infinitely more useful than a
> >flatbed or a sedan.  The 4-wheel drive is great in bad weather when the back
> >isn't loaded down, and the 4-wheel drive low has taken me through 3-ft. of
> snow
> >when I would otherwise have been stuck.
> >
> >Out here in California, you have no choice if you go to the Sierras in bad
> >weather:  4-wheel drive with mud and snow tires, or chains.  Putting on
> chains
> >in wet slush is not my idea of fun.
> >
> >I can take 4 adults and their gear for a weekend of camping, skiing,
> whitewater
> >rafting.  I can load an entire 6-ft. long platform bed in the back, with the
> >mattress in the roof.  I have moved myself _many_ times, never worrying about
> >the rain.  I have lent my truck to others for their hauling needs.  I cart
> >recycling and donations, frequently.
> >
> >I am pretty sick of wanton SUV bashing.  There are just as many idiots
> driving
> >BMW sedans, Volvo wagons, and Honda Civics.  Yes, SUVs use more gas, and
> that is
> >offensive.  For this reason I often either carpool or take the bus to
> work.  But
> >sometimes I have to go places where the buses don't go.
> >
> >Another nice benfit to driving a truck as a woman - men bother you less.
> They
> >don't try to cut you off or shoot at you.  I am not kidding.
> >
> >Maybe I'm an idiot.  But I'm a satisfied one.
> >
> >Andrea
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