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     I've been searching the Dow Jones database for coinages.  Any article
that says "coined the word/phrase/expression" since the 1980s will be
recorded.  It's going slowly--the university libraries are on intersession
until Tuesday.

1-15-2000, KANSAS CITY STAR, pg. E1--Two years ago Martin E. P. Seligman,
then president of the American Psychological Association, coined the phrase
"positive psychology," a method by which psychologists emphasize building
people's strengths as much as treating their weaknesses.

1-14-2000, BELFAST NEWS LETTER, pg. 6--"I (Sinn Fein president Gerry
Adams--ed.) was the person who some years ago coined the phrase that I wanted
to take all the guns out of Irish politics."

1-13-2000, AP--"About 10 years ago, I coined the phrase 'Content is king,'"
(Sumner--ed.) Redstone said.  But he said he has moved to a new maxim,
"Creativity is king."

1-13-2000, PLAIN DEALER (CLEVELAND), pg. 7S--Bill Belichick gave us "I'm not
a doctor," and "I can only go by what I see."  He coined the phrase
"diminished skills" the day he cut Bernie Kosar.  (Coach Chris--ed.) Palmer's
pet phrase is "and go from there."

1-11-2000, DAILY NEWS (NY), pg. 36--But when the (NYPD BLUE--ed.) series
debuted in 1993, thespotlight was on David Caruso, whose Detective John Kelly
coined the phrase, "You okay with that?"

1-10-2000, PLAIN DEALER (CLEVELAND), pg. 1D--...Fred Blassie, the former
wrestler who coined the phrase "pencil-neck geek."

1-7-2000, THE GUARDIAN--Microsoft was unveiling its latest palm-sized Windows
CE-based software at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and coined
the phrase "pocket PCs."

1-4-2000, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, pg. 29--Chicago native Al Dvorin, Elvis'
announcer who coined the phrase, "Elvis has left the building,"...

1-3-2000, SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, pg. A8--I have been directly involved with the
nuclear industry as an atomic veteran.  I witnessed a 74-kiloton nuclear
explosion, Shot Hood in July of 1957.  The word plutonium causes me to have
nightmares.  The nuclear industry needs to lobby Congress so that they can
recycle these rods.  I believe that I first coined the phrase "Not in my
backyard, not now, not ever."...Robert C. Carter, Utah State Commander,
National Assn. of Atomic Veterans.  (Walter Rodger of the American Nuclear
Society did the acronym NIMBY in the late 1970s--ed.)

12-24-1999, REUTERS--"The S&P is up an average of 1.7 percent (per year) as a
result of the Santa Clause rally, going all the way back to 1952," Hirsch
said (Yale Hirsch, stock market historian whose company, The Hirsch
Organization, publishes the Stock Trader's Almanac--ed.), referring to the
effect that the seven-day rally usually has on the S&P 500.  He coined the
expression "Santa Claus Rally" 25 or 30 years ago.

5-14-1999, THE HERALD (U.K.), pg. 5--The great exponents of this idea are Don
Peppers and Martha Rogers who coined the expression "One to One Marketing."

3-15-1999, INDIANAPOLIS STAR, pg. D9--(Butler basketball star Big Ed--ed.)
Schilling, a 6-5 warrior who coined the expression "don't bring that #$% in
here" as he was rejecting opponents' shots.

2-1-1999, MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING (LONDON), pg. 61--In the early 1980s, whilst
Finance Director of the then Cadbury Typhoo Ltd, he (David Allen--ed.) coined
the expression Strategic Financial Management to refer to an approach which
enabled the finance function to play a proactive role at the strategic level
of management, and offered the antidote to short-termism.

10-22-1998, TORONTO STAR, pg. G1--And Jean-Charles de Castelbajac coined the
expression "eco-techno" for his skirts constructed from a fabric from hemp
and raffia.

5-30-1998, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, pg. E1---Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley,
authors of Transcompetition: Moving Beyond Competition and Collaboration,
coined the expression "metamoron," referring to an inability of some
individuals or companies to face necessary change in a reasonable manner.

5-15-1998, THE GUARDIAN, pg. 3--...Susan George, the academic and campaigner.
 She coined the expression debt boomerang: heavy debts fuel environmental
degradation, the drug trade and conflict.

4-19-1998, SUNDAY GAZETTE MAIL (from CHICAGO TRIBUNE), pg. 7B--(Cheryl--ed.)
Currid coined the expression Digital Doubling to describe what she calls
quantum leaps being made each year as computers get ever smaller and yet ever
more powerful at the same time.

1-15-1998, EUROMONEY, pg. 29--ING Barings is noted for its emphasis on
emerging markets and even claims to have coined the expression.

6-5-1996, DALLAS MORNING NEWS, pg. 1F--Among chef (Larry-ed.) Forgione's
claims to fame: he coined the expression "free-range chicken."

8-30-1993, REPORT ON DEFENSE PLANT WASTES--The disposal of "mixed
wastes"--those containing both radioactive and chemical hazardous
substances--is proving to be a problem that will not go away for industry and
governement alike. (...) ...A. Alan Moghissi, the man who claims to have
coined the expression.

9-28-1992, BALTIMORE EVENING SUN, pg. 4B--...Walter Hagen, who coined the
expression: "I never wanted to be a millionaire.  I just want to live like

8-2-1988, GENNETT NEWS SERVICE--Jim Challenger, founder and president of the
firm, says he first saw "outplacement" used in The Wall Street Journal in
1968.  He contends that the late Tom Hubbard, an executive retriever in New
York City, coined the expression.

     That's all for now.

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