Donald M. Lance LanceDM at MISSOURI.EDU
Wed Jan 19 05:59:16 UTC 2000

Al Futrell wrote:

> With regard to jimmy being used with locks, doors, etc.  Traditionally,
> a jimmy (noun) was a bar, usually a crowbar, used to force entry into
> something or someplace.  One would "jimmy" (verb) a door, lock,
> whatever, by using a "jimmy" (noun) to open it.

You can also jimmy a lock with a nail or some object other than a key or lock-pick that
you insert into the key slot in the lock.  This sense of jimmying entails the insertion of
an object (crowbar, hairpin [not lock-pick]) into a slit and moving it back and forth with
considerable force to get the door or lock to come open.  Maybe someone could jimmy the
lid of a pickle jar loose too, with an appropriate jimmying "tool."  DMLance

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