on accident study

Leslie Barratt ejlesbb at ROOT.INDSTATE.EDU
Thu Jan 20 13:33:18 UTC 2000

I have been following the ADS discussion of 'on accident' with some
interest since I have been studying it for the past several years and
am in the process of writing up a paper on it.  I have data collected
in Indiana, Michigan, and California, with speakers of all ages and
actually from many different states.  There is definitely an age
correlation in both usage and acceptance, and I have found it in
every region studied so far, but I can't give all the details here.
Because of the discussion, I am going to run it in Georgia too.  I
have been trying to get the analysis done over the past week since
everyone started discussing it and will attempt to have it out this

Leslie Barratt
ejlesbb at root.indstate.edu
Indiana State University

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