Second Attempt at Mafia Lingo Query

emckean at ENTERACT.COM emckean at ENTERACT.COM
Thu Jan 20 21:01:04 UTC 2000

This may be a shot in the dark, but why not call the local FBI office and
ask to speak to the person who heads the division that investigates
organized crime/RICO? You might not get to listen to the wiretap tapes
yourself, but I would think that they must have internal "experts" to
interpret what, exactly, the people they are eavesdropping on are saying.

As long as you didn't need to attach words to any particular ongoing
investigation, I can't see any problems with asking to interview field
agents. (I'd also bet that the NY Times and Safire names make things

Erin McKean
editor at

 On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Kathleen Miller wrote:

> Since I have been beating my head against a board on this one that "into
> the witness protection program" was exactly the laugh I needed - thanks.
> But to be more specific how 'bout the actual words/phrases:
> Goomah/Goombah
> mayonaisses
> cugines
> agita
> mock-whacked
> come heavy
> loffa
> "eating alone"
> stugots
> Other than calling La Casa Nostra myself I am at a loss. I have Dow Jones,
> and Lexis and NYTIMES past as well as access to JSTOR and the rest. I'm
> finding nothing of substance. Any help would be greatly appreciated and
> would save my sanity. (If I had any to begin with :))
> Katy Miller
> Safire's office.

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