Triple Bagel & Trillion

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Fri Jan 21 05:41:19 UTC 2000


     "Triple bagel" just doesn't sound kosher to me.
     Goose eggs, zeroes, sweep--but bagels?  In tennis?  I had a friend who
knew someone who wrote Associated Press sports, and that person tried
coinages like this.  Has anyone heard this before?
     From the New York Post, 21 January 2000, pg. 69, cols. 6-7:

_Aussie teen whiz gets_
_close to "triple bagel"_
     MELBOURNE (AP)--Lleyton Hewitt has won two tournaments and 12 matches in
a row.  In his latest feat, the Australian teen-ager came within one game of
a triple bagel in a Grand Slam tennis tournament.
     Hewitt led 6-0, 6-0, 4-0 before Spain's Alex Coretja, ranked as high as
No. 2 last year, put together enough good shots to win one game yesterday in
their second-round match at the Australian Open.
     Only five triple bagels have been recorded at Grand Slams in the
32-year-old open era, and none at the Australian Open.  The most recent came
when Sergi Bruguera shut out Thierry Champion at the 1993 French Open. (...)

TRILLION (continued)

     I found this in my "coined the expression" database search.  From the
Detroit News, 29 December 1996, pg. D8:

     In case you didn't know, a player records a trillion when he gets in the
game, usually for a couple of minutes, and does not record a single stat.
Hence, in the box score he'll have a number for the amount of minutes played,
followed by a bunch of zeroes.  The expression was coined by another former
Piston, Scott Hastings.

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