A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Fri Jan 21 22:31:22 UTC 2000

Aspirated flap for me.  No particular region.

> "Aaron E. Drews" wrote:
> >
> > In going through my data, I have found something strange happening across
> > the word boundary in "but hoped"  (The read sentence is "John had read the
> > book, but hoped the movie version would be better").
> >
> > Can the /t/ in <but> be flapped before <hoped> for any of you?  To me, it
> > sounds natural flapped, but I could just be staring at my data for too
> > long (not unusual).  If it can't be flapped, how would _you_ realise it.
> >
> > All of the literature has flapping before vowels, but /h/ is special;
> > my pronouncing dictionary only has words in isolation; my native
> > intuitions are a bit off since I speak mid-Atlantic.

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