Jesse Helms on the Southern Accent

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Sat Jan 22 00:47:26 UTC 2000

Excerpt from the speech of Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina to the United
Nations Security Council, 20 January 2000:
Having said all of that, I'm aware that you have interpreters who translate
the proceedings of this body into a half-dozen different languages.
 And they have a challenge today, a very interesting challenge. As some of
you may have detected already, I do not have a Yankee accent.
 (Laughter.) I hope you have a translator here who can speak "Southern,"
someone who can translate words like "y'all," and "I do declare." (Laughter.)
In any event, it may be that one language -- another language barrier will
need to be overcome this morning.

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- Allan Metcalf

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