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>And "bovine" sounds scientific, over-educated, or affected. "Look, there's
>a computer box with a bovine print!" "I have a cream pitcher in >the shape
>of a bovine." "What sound does a bovine make?"

Yeah. Of course if you were talking to a marine biologist in say…San Diego,
she or he might figure you’re referring to a female seal or whale. What
sound does a cow make?


>What do you mean when you say "pig"? "Goose"?

Pig = police officer, cop

Goose = local (WMT 600 AM) sports commentator Ron “Goose” Gonder

Bob Haas:

>Although, come to think about it, I guess a male pig is a pig. I don't know
>of a special term off the top of my head for he-pig.

What’s wrong with boar? A in the Boar’s Nest of Boss Hogg and Dukes of
Hazzard fame. I believe hog is the preferred generic term. Pigs are
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