Nancy Elliott nelliott1 at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Jan 24 15:41:44 UTC 2000

Is there any significance to the Beatles' "one after 909"?

Nancy C. Elliott
Southern Oregon University

>From: "Steve K." <stevek at SHORE.NET>
>Subject: Re: four-twenty
>Date: Mon, Jan 24, 2000, 4:58 AM

> I didn't chime in earlier, because I figured someone else would, but it's
> my understanding that there's also been a longstanding 4:20 tie-in to the
> Greatful Dead, as in the question "It's 4:19, do you have a minute?" (a
> sentiment that has been since bumper-stickerized) as a way of asking
> anyone if they had any pot to sell.
> (I mention the Greatful Dead, because the bumper stickers I've seen like
> that were associated with the Greatful Dead.) If there's a deadhead out
> there than can further enlighten us with their connection to the phrase,
> please chime in!
> --- Steve K.

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