More on Jane Pauley's "bad hair"

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Tue Jan 25 01:04:13 UTC 2000

   Actually, I think she looks great, but what do I know?
   From Lexis/Nexis:

14 December 1995, ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, Get Out section, pg. 43--Hot: Jane Pauley (...) She also celebrated with a party, thrown by NBC, at which she claimed authorship of the phrase "bad hair day."

18 December 1995, E! GOSSIP (tv)--Jane Pauley claims she coined the phrase "bad hair day."

16 December 1995, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (NBC-tv), "Weekend Update" segment--In an interview Jane Pauley recalled that back in the 70's she coined the phrase--bad hair day.  In a similar interview Larry King recalled back in the 70's coining the phrase--bad face day.

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