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> From: Joseph Carson <samizdata at>
> Subject: Re: four-twenty
> Date: Monday, January 24, 2000 9:49 AM
> Greetings to all ADS-Listers,
> This is a phrase that's used in the San Francisco neighborhood we all love
> to Haight, indeed.  The derivation has puzzled me as well, but whatever it
> means (or meant, since I'll bet it refers to a G. Dead song lyric or some
> other classic beatnik or hippie era source,) in its original usage is
> probably irrelevant to the purpose it's put to now ... tangential reference
> is characteristic of the Deadhead mentality, and the shelled-out post-Flower
> Power- and- Sid Vicious retreads roaming the Haight Street Corridor at will,
> (or random, or both,) in search of dope (or legal medicinal substitutes such
> as methadone,) could care less what the words mean, or where they came from,
> as long as they get high ... what a place!  Give me the stinking gutters of
> the Tenderloin anytime ... what? oh, why thank you! (re: best be careful
> what you wish for) ... however, I wonder the same thing as Steve K., since
> if nothing else, Deadheads sustain an oral tradition that's equal to
> anything drug fiends in the Mission ever devised ... are there any Deadheads
> in our house? - Livin' on reds, vitamin C and cocaine, still (barely)
> truckin' on - Joseph C.
all a friend can say is "ain't it a shame"

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