Coinages (part six)

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    More "coined the word/phrase expression."  Again, the coinage claims may
not be accurate.

1-6-97, SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST, pg. 12--Previous financial scandals suggest
the "rogue trader" defence is a convenient cop out for hand-wringing
management.  Remember, Barings chairman Peter Baring coined the phrase before
the bank's egregious compliance failings were properly revealed.

1-6-97, BUSINESS WIRE--Metro Billing coined the phrase "electronic
outsourcing" to describe its unique billing and remittance management
outsourcing system, which relies on customized software that directly links
Metro Billing with its clients' databases.

1-13-97, SINGAPORE STRAITS TIMES--The strategy has been so successful that
Taiwan's media have coined a phrase for it--"investment diplomacy."

1-17-97, DES MOINES REGISTER, pg. 4--New York Gov. Geroge Pataki said in
signing that state's law that, over a three-year period, there has been
nearly 600 documented cases in New york prisons of inmates throwing bodily
wastes and fluids at correctional workers.  "Indeed, prisoners have coined
the phrase 'defecation education' to refer to this disgusting and despicable
act," Pataki said.

1-20-97, PLAIN DEALER (Cleveland), pg. 2E--Ian Mackaye of Fugazi shuns the
mainstream press and seldom does interviews.  Nonetheless, he is the
anti-establishment guru for many straight-edge teens, having coined the
phrase "straight edge" 12 years ago as lead singer of Minor Threat.

1-21-97, LOS ANGELES TIMES, pg E1--(Jerry-ed.) Wexler, who coined the phrase
"rhythm and blues" while writing for Billboard in 1949...

1-24-97, GAS DAILY--Open Source Solution's (Robert--ed.) Steele, who actually
spent 10 years with the Central Intelligence Agency and coined the phrase,
"You don't send a spy where a schoolboy can go"...

1-27-97, WASHINGTON POST, pg. B4--John Allen Paulos, a popular writer and a
Temple University mathematician, even coined the phrase the "Jeane Dixon
effect," in which people loudly tout a few correct predictions and
conveniently overlook the much larger number of false ones.

2-1-97, ACCOUNTANCY IRELAND, pg. 17--...Stephen Roache, the Morgan Stanley
economist who first coined the phrase "down-sizing."

2-6-97, WASHINGTON POST, pg. B5--When New York librarian and author Jean
Armour Polly coined the phrase "Surfing the Internet" in 1992, she unleashed
a metaphor that soon became hip and ubiquitous.

2-9-97, LOS ANGELES TIMES, pg. E1--...Michael Gilfix of Palo Alto, who seems
to have coined the phrase "elder law" several years ago.

2-12-97, OECD OBSERVER, pg. 6--Rapid technological advance has for some time
now in OECD countries co-existed with lower productivity growth, as measured
from aggregate statistics.  This apparent inconsistency has given rise to the
so-called "Solow paradox" (named after the American economist Robert Solow,
who coined the phrase "we see computers everywhere but in the productivity

2-15-98, NEWS & OBSERVER (Raleigh, NC), pg. C8--He (basketball coach Jim
Valvano) coined a phrase that has become the rallying cry for cancer patients
all over the world: "Don't give up.  Don't ever give up."

2-17-97, M2 PRESSWIRE--He (Yale University psychologist Peter Salovey) also
studies social behavior, such as jealousy, in close relationships and coined
the phrase "emotional intelligence" to describe competencies in understanding
and using emotional information.

2-19-97, BANGOR DAILY NEWS (ME)--Longtime Sen. George Aiken of Vermont coined
the phrase Northeast Kingdom back in the 1950's to refer to this crown of
Vermont.  The three counties that comprise the Kingdom--Orleans, Essex and
Caledonia--boast mountains, glacial cliffs, deep blue lakes, rolling farmland
where milk cows outnumber people, and tiny villages complete with the
trademark white-spired church.

3-1-97, EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP, pg. 76--Frank Smith (1971) coined the phrase
"you learn to read by reading."

3-1-97, MACUSER, pg. 17--Everyone knows Steve Jobs, Cofounder and former CEO
of Apple, he's the man who coined the phrase insanely great, the man who
created the very culture in which the original Macintosh grew.

3-5-97, DAILY YOMIURI--(Former Ambassador to the United States Takakazu--ed.)
Kuriyama coined the phrase "one nation pacifism" during the Gulf War to
criticize Japan's foreign policy, and the phrase has since come into wide use.

3-6-97, GREENSBORO NEWS & RECORD, pg. 6--A is for air ball.  As in A-I-I-I-R
B-A-L-L.  A-I-I-I-R B-A-L-L, the derisive chant that rains down on an
opposing player who shoots but misses the entire basket.  Some contend that
fans at Duke used it first.  Others say Chick Hern, former broadcaster for
the Los Angeles Lakers, coined the phrase.

3-10-97, BUSINESS INSURANCE, pg. 18--How to customize the mass market.  When
Mr. (Stan--ed.) Davis coined the phrase "mass customization," few managers
understood it.

3-17-97, BUSINESS WEEK, pg. 102--During mid-1980s brainstorming sessions, he
(Motorola's Robert Galvin--ed.) coined the phrase an "answering machine in
your pocket" to summarize the paging group's goal.

3-19-97, CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY--The May issue of Atlantic Monthly coined
the phrase "social insecurity."

3-21-97, SOFT-LETTER, pg. 3--Programming guru Ed Yourdan has been watching
software development projects go off the rails for more than 30 years, and
he's now coined a phrase--"death march projects"--that perfectly captures the
frenzy and pressure of development efforts that fall hopelessly behind

4-6-97, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, pg. a 23--(Allen--ed.) Ginsberg, who coined
the phrase "flower power," became  guru for the 1960s counterculture movement.

4-13-97, CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, pg. C13--When the wind churns the pines
(Augusta National golf course--ed.), the 12th is cause for heart attacks.
The writer Herbert Warren Wind coined the phrase "Amen Corner" to describe
holes 11, 12 and 13.  The 12th was his inspiration.

To be continued.

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