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Mike Salovesh t20mxs1 at CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU
Tue Jan 25 08:54:59 UTC 2000

 Aaron E. Drews <aaron at LING.ED.AC.UK> wrote:

>The main reason I'm fascinated by the discussion is because of another
>four-legged creature: the dog.  In Britain, a "dog" is male.  It's
>generic, as well, but people advertising puppies list "3 dogs and 2
>bitches".  I thought in American, the term was "stud", but looking at my
>AHD, "stud" is another generic for any breeding male animal.  What is the
>term for a male dog?

Oh, for heaven's sake -- I don't have to imagine the sound of one hand
clapping ever again.  Of course, it clapped on my forehead -- does that

Clearly, what you're looking for is son of a bitch. That's so strongly
linked to male dogs, as opposed to female dogs, that I don't think I've
ever heard anyone called a "daughter of a bitch".

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