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State law authorizes "profit" corporations and "nonprofit" corporations. There
are also "professional corporations", "medical care corporations", "dental care
corporations", "government corporations", and "limited liability"
corporations...just off the top of my head.


Fred Shapiro wrote:

> On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Beverly Flanigan wrote:
> > Another term I've just noticed recently is "nonprofit" used as a
> > noun:  So-and-so is a nonprofit [organization].  "Even" the NY Times used
> > it yesterday.  How old is this usage?
> This seems to be the month for noticing usages that have been well
> established for decades.  The earliest I find is the following:
> 1963 _Amer. Econ. Rev._ 53: 440  The figure for the universities and other
> nonprofits rises to about 35 per cent.
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