Coinages (part three)

Joseph McCollum prez234 at JUNO.COM
Wed Jan 26 05:42:59 UTC 2000

Well, as long as we're correcting things...

>5 March 1986, UPI--(Pittsburgh Pirates announcer Bob--ed.) Prince
>began his career in 1948, working with Rosey Rowsell on Pirate
radio broadcasts.  Known as "The Gunner" for his rapid-fire delivery,

First, it was Rosey Rosewell, and second, he acquired the nickname
"The Gunner" because he went into a seedy bar near the Pirates'
training camp.  Someone pulled a gun on him, and he exited the bar
as quickly as possible.  During the next broadcast, his partner (I don't
remember if it was Rosewell, Nellie King, or if there was someone
in between) introduced him as "The Gunner."

 Aaron E. Drews <aaron at LING.ED.AC.UK> wrote:

Allan Metcalf wrote:
> A student from Florida tells me that shopping carts/baskets at grocery
> are called buggies where he lives. On the Internet I find one "shopping
> buggy" in Boca Raton, Florida, and quite a few in Canada, especially
> Columbia. Anybody else push a buggy when shopping?

I have heard the term, but "shopping cart" is a little more common.  I
think  "shopping buggies" tend to be noisier than "shopping carts."

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