Regional term: shopping buggy

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As I mentioned before, I am a transplant in WV.  My entire experience of 25
years in WV is in Charleston (Kanawha County) which is the state capital.
It is considered a truism that Charleston and Huntington resemble no other
parts of WV.
I teach at an open admission 4 year college in town.  Since many of my
students are natives and often from Boone and Lincoln counties in the
southern part of the states, in our coalfields, I can poll them tomorrow for
a broader and more accurate view of some West Virginians' use of the term...

Carolyn Sturgeon

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>"Buggy" is widely distributed throughout the coalfields of southeast
>Kentucky and southwest VA.  I've encountered it (and use it) from south of
>the Mountain Parkway and east of I75 in Ky, in rural TN east of Knoxville,
>and sw VA from Lee County to here, Montgomery County.  I have also heard it
>in VWA  counties north and west of here--Mercer, McDowell, Monroe, Logan,
>and Mingo.  I also hear it in southwest Ohio, but when other sound features
>tell me the speaker is probably Appalachian.
> >I used to when I lived in New Jersey, but now I push shopping carts in
> >Virginia...
> >
> >Carolyn Sturgeon
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