Coinages (part seven)

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    Greetings from Slush City, where there's a puddle on every corner..."Bad
hair day at FedEx" is in this week's Village Voice...A story about a proposed
Museum of Sex ( was in the NY Times.  I e-mailed the essential NYC
"hooker" info, with no response back...A new Police Museum opened.  They
still don't know what "New York's Finest" means...A Harper's article this
month about Rick Burns's New York documentary begins with a mention of "the
Big Apple"...I think this is all a plot to drive me crazy.
    This "coinage" installment is from tv & radio programs (CAUTION: Nexis
has many language fragments and misspellings here, especially for names).

18 November 1999, Fresh Air on KYW-TV--(George--ed.) Perkovich coined the
phrase "non weaponized deterrance."

5 November 1999, Squawk Box on CNBC-TV--Arthur Lafford coined the phrase of
prosperity killers.

15 October 1999, Oprah Winfrey--Working moms trying to spend more time with
their family may use the "Mr. Roger's Technique," coined by Ellen Galenski,
author of "Ask the Children."  Bill explains the Mr. Roger's Technique as
just changing your clothes and slowing down your busy schedule and changing
your attitude.

19 August 1999, ABC Good Morning America--And actually in the 1950's, "Life"
magazine coined a phrase to describe him.  The phrase, "teenage idol" was
started because of Ricky Nelson.

26 July 1999, Michael Jackson on KRLA-AM--Brian calls it the Vulvanization of
the TV Audience.  He says Don Ohlymer of NBC coined the phrase, although he
is no longer with NBC.

10 July 1999, To Your Health on NTNJ-TV--Dr. Steven Zodkoy, endermologist.
He says Cosmopolitan Magazine coined the phrase cellulite.

28 June 1999, NBC Nightly News--Graphic-356 Infant Homicides per year,
Neonaticide/lst week murder by mother most frequently, Infanticide next 12
months, mostly by fathers.  Interview-Dr. Philip Wesley, who coined the
terms, says what makes it extraordinary is the planning involved.

5 June 1999, Living on Earth-NPR--Dr. Bernard White, University of Rochester
School of Medicine, coined the term: econtoxicology, suggested the economics

2 June 1999, CNN-NewsStand--The term emotional intelligence was coined by
Daniel Goleman, a Harvard trained psychologist, says that it is important in
business, the most successful executives and employes are not the brightest,
but those with the emotional right stuff.

18 May 1999, Fox 17 News at Ten--Dr. Ted Fugita of the University of Chicago
coined the term "down bursts."

16 April 1999, Midday News Hour-New England Cable--Three brothers suing Red
Sox over Green Monster rights in Fenway Park.  D'Angelo Brothers sold Green
Monster Shirts and told by Red Sox to cease.  Say phrase coined by press in
1940's.  (Dickson's Baseball Dictionary doesn't state coinage, but says the
wall was painted green in 1947--ed.)

6 April 1999, Trading Places-CNNfn--Internet Speed.  Bill Gates coined the
phrase "business at speed of thought," but IBM is trying to achieve it.

2 April 1999, Leeza-WMAQ-TV--Gerry Thomas, creator Swanson TV Dinners, says
he coined the name tv dinner.

26 March 1999, PM Drive News-KUHF-FM--Culturally Relevant Teaching is a term
finding its way into teaching circles. Interview-Dr. Gloria Latsen Billings,
Prof. of curricula and instruction at U. of Wisconsin, has written a book,
The Dream Keepers, about successful teachers of African-American children.
Billings coined the phrase in her book.

16 February 1999, Fox 2 News Morning-WJBK-TV--Visual-former Nixon aid John
Ehrlichman has died.  (...) He coined the phrase, Twisting Slowly In the Wind.

29 December 1998, News-WTOP-AM--The Golden Hour/Paul Wagner.  Continuing a
series on the Medivac helicopter.  The golden hour phrase was coined at the
University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

12 October 1998, Sports Page-CLTV--Guest is Leigh Steinberg who coined the
phrase Capanomics.

3 October 1998, CNN Saturday Morning--Interview-Kenny Scharf, Artist, I
coined a term called pop surrealism and I turned it into art.

21 September 1998, NBC Today--Theodore Roszak, the man who coined the term
counter-culture, has written a new book on them maturing.

17 September 1998, Chronicle-WCVB-TV--Kannell first coined the term "risk

17 September 1998, Eyewitness News Morning-KSTP-TV--Started in 1967 when
book, "In His Steps," was published.  Author Charles Sheldon coined the
phrase (What would Jesus do?--ed.).

19 August 1998, The Squawk Box-CNBC--The old and new tech both did well.  Jim
Cramer coined the phrases.

19 August 1998, Newschannel 5 at Five-KSDK-TV--Air Rage.  British Airways
coined the phrase for unruly passengers.

5 August 1998, Silicon Spin-ZD-TV--John says Xerox coined the term the
paperless office, but it doesn't exist.

30 July 1998, Fox Report--It was ("Howdy Doody's" Buffalo Bob--ed.) Smith who
coined the phrase, "The peanut gallery."

15 May 1998, Fox News Now--Lauren Bacall coined the term "Rat Pack" during
her marriage to Humphrey Bogart.  Seeing Bogie, Sinatra and a few of their
cronies come straggling in from a night of carousing, Bacall exclaimed "You
look like a ** Rat Pack!"

12 May 1998, Fox News Now--Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.  Carnes coined the term
sexual addict two decades ago.

28 April 1998, 41 News-KSHB-TV--(Lamar--ed.) Hunt coined the term, Super Bowl.

27 April 1998, Fox 11 News-KTTV--Clinton Van Zandt, former FBI chief
negotiator.  He has coined the phrase "Suicide By Cop."

24 April 1998, Trading Places-CNNfn--When author Douglas Copeland coined
phrase McJobs in 1992, he was referring to low skill level jobs overeducated
college graduates had to take for lack of anything better.  Now there are
more jobs than graduates to fill them.  (RHHDAS has Coupland in 1991--ed.)

25 March 1998, Good Day Philadelphia-WTXF-TV--(Norman--ed.) Van Aken says he
coined term fusion cooking.

5 February 1998, CNN Today--The cartoonist who created the subway signs years
ago, Amelia Opti Jones, also known as Oppy, started in the 1940s.  Her son
survives.  She coined some words.  Interview-Bill Jones, Oppy's son, says
"litterbug" has become part of the language.

25 December 1997, Digital Jam-CNNfn--Andy Grove, Intel, coined the phrase
"only the paranoid survive."

2 October 1997, Newsradio 88-WCBS-AM--He says "Jack Trout," the man who
coined the term "positioning," says the name of your business could attract
or detract customers.  (OED should speak with this guy to produce a cite or
stop this--ed.)

30 September 1997, Weeknight Edition-KUHT-TV--Remember in the late '80s on
cover of Time Magazine, the term see-through building was coined.  We don't
have see-throughs anymore.

25 September 1997, News Eight Midday-WFAA-TV--He (Robert Dedman, Clubcorp
Chairman--ed.) coined the phrase win/win.

26 August 1997, WBBM Newsradio--Paul Gedhart.  The attorney who coined the
phrase "informed consent" died.

To be continued.

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