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Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM
Wed Jan 26 16:52:59 UTC 2000

James Smith <jsmithjamessmith at YAHOO.COM> writes:

--- "Aaron E. Drews" <aaron at LING.ED.AC.UK> wrote:
> I asked a few people about "holy cow" referring
> specifically to the Queen.
> Nobody heard of it.  Maybe it's a local thing
> somewhere in England...
> maybe the people I asked weren't anti-monarchist
> enough.

Just a more complete version of the story:

My friend was with another American in the London
underground, and simply let out the exclamation "Holy
Cow" in reaction to something.  An English
"gentleman", dark suit, hat, umbrella, etc. turned to
him, gave him a very stern look, and berated him for
insulting the Queen.

Holy FOAF, Batman!

Can you go back and ask your friend a question? Was he actually present and
involved in this incident, or did he just word it that way for narrative effect?

Just trying to sort out attested data from urban legend.

-- Mark

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