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A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Wed Jan 26 22:04:22 UTC 2000

Greg Austin wrote:
> In a message dated 1/26/00 4:19:33 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> Joe_Pickett at HMCO.COM writes:
> <<i've always wondered about the range of the redundant compound "soda pop."
> If pop is midwestern and soda is eastern, who drinks soda pop?
>   >>
> My mother grew up in the mountains of western Maryland and when she was a
> child in the 20's and 30's called it was called tonic.  They mostly call it
> pop there now.

Don't forget "coke" in the Southwest, as in "What kind of coke do you want?"
Also, "fizzy drinks" seems to be picking up, although that might be from the
English people I hang with.  I think it stems from asking for water, and then
having to differentiate between fizzy and still.

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