Driving While Mexican; Today's "Hair"

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Thu Jan 27 11:59:32 UTC 2000

This bite is lethal!


>My brother just retired as a teacher in Bogota after something over 35
>years in that part of the world. He once told me that the "muerta" (bite;
>my Spanish is not atrocious, it's non-existent) is practically universal
>throughout Latin America. Maybe some
>of our cultural quirks do rub off :-)
>Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>>    Yes, while I was in Mexico, we were stopped four times to pay bribes
>>to the local police, but this is not about that.
>>    In today's New York Times, 26 January 2000, pg. A17, col. 2, is
>>"Pulled over for "driving while Mexican"?  Obviously, a borrowing of
>>"Driving While Black."  Col. 1:  "Why were you stopped?" asks the local
>>joke.  The answer: "Driving while Mexican."

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