Coinages (part nine)

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    More "coined the word/phrase/expression."  These may or may not be
accurate, as you may notice from more than one "privatization" and

8-5-97, WINZ-AM--A judge has handed a shield ruling against Oliver North in a
copyright case.  He said "Let's get ready to rumble" on his radio show.
Michael Buffer, the boxing announcer who coined the phrase, claims North uses
a recording of the saying violating copyright law.  The judge says North
doesn't have a defense and should settle the case.

8-4-97, Late Show with David Letterman--Bill Bellamy says he started doing
standup at Rutgers University.  Talks about how he got started.  Says he
coined the phrase booty call.

7-22-97, Street Signs-CNBC--Mention that Ed Yardeni called this a Goldilocks
market.  Mention that Art Cashin coined the phrase.

7-15-97, WBBM Newsradio 78--Prairie dogging.  Playboy magazine coined the
term for when people's heads pop up out of their cubicles when they hear a

4-13-97, Computer Man-KRON-TV--Sun Microsystems.  Sun coined phrase, The
Network Is The Computer.

3-5-97, WBBM Newsradio 78--Kinsley Davis.  The man who coined the phrase
"zero population growth" died of Parkinson's in California.

2-13-97, Capital Hill Hearing Testimony--This report (in 1994--ed.) was
subsequently endorsed by Labor Secretary Robert Reich in a speech in which he
also coined the term "corporate welfare" to describe such subsidies.

1-3-97, KUSI Morning News--Wilbur Shigehara, National Weather Service,
retires today at 55.  (...)  Coined the term Pineapple Express and Yukon

6-24-96, Radio TV Reports--Ted Turner, founder of Cable Network News, says he
worries about the younger generation watching too much television and calls
them a term he coined: vidiots.

5-20-96, Radio TV Reports--At 540 Park Avenue, the Regency Hotel coined the
term power breakfast.

5-5-96, Radio TV Reports--Cyber-Town is a video-art display by Nam June Palk
(Another show has Nam Jupeg--ed.) who originally coined the term electronic

4-30-96, Radio TV Reports--American Place Restaurant owned by (Larry--ed.)
Forgione who coined the phrase, "free range chicken."

4-22-96, Radio TV Reports--Today is Earth Day.  It was first celebrated in
1970 by Harvard University graduate Dennis Hayes who coined the phrase "give
earth a chance."

1-21-96, CNN Presents--PAS, Parental Alienation Syndrome.  It's a new label,
allowing judges to label the accusing parent the villain.  (...) Dr. Richard
Gardner, author of THE PARENTS BOOK ABOUT DIVORCE and others, coined the
term.  He's a psychiatrist at Columbia University.

11-4-95, Weekend Edition-NPR--The first radio broadcast ever was made 75
years ago when the election of Warren Harding as President was announced on a
Westinghouse station in Pittsburgh.  Charlie Rook, Westinghouse radio
historian, says the word "broadcast" was coined when a Westinghouse official
decided that crystal radios reached only local people and instituted a crude
version of a broadcasting system through the telephone.

7-28-95, Morning Edition-NPR--A new phrase has been coined in the U. S., the
"overclass."  The elite new group are highly paid, high-tech strivers pulling
away from the rest of America's lower calss, middle class, and upper class.

7-26-95, Radio TV Reports--As CEO of American Motors from 1954-1962 he coined
the term compact car.  (Another obituary states that George Romney coined
"gas guzzling dinosaurs"--ed.)

6-8-95, AP--(Nursultan--ed.) Nazarbayev, who has been the most insistent
amoung leaders of former Soviet republics in calling for them to cooperate
moreclosely, said he had coined the term, "the Belt of Uncertainty," to
describe the center of Eurasia.

5-11-95, Morning Edition-NPR--The phrase "corporate welfare" has been around
a long time.  Peace activists and other critics of Defense contractors appear
to have coined the term at some point in the 1960s.

4-28-95, Rush Limbaugh Show--Limbaugh describes how the term femi-nazi was

4-24-95, CLTV-Chicago--Herb Kent, disc jockey.  "Dusties" is a word Kent
coined to describe old records.  (Not in RHHDAS--ed.)

4-16-95, CTK National News Wire--Permanently sustainable life, a term coined
by Josef Vavrousek, the Czech environmentalist who died last month in an
avalanche in Slovakia along with his daughter, has become part of the
political vocabulary, President Vaclav Havel said today...

3-23-95, NY1 News All Morning--The term trophy wife emerged during the 1980s.
 Fortune magazine coined the term.

3-21-95, Southwest Newswire--...the new generation Mercury Sable and 1996
Ford Taurus, are as revolutionary as the first models that coined the phrase
"jellybean cars," at their introduction in 1985.  (Not in RHHDAS--ed.)

3-15-95, NBC Nightly News--He (Victor Crawford, former tobacco industry
lobbyist--ed.) says he coined the phrase health nazis.  (Not in RHHDAS--ed.)

3-13-95, Pacific News Service--(Social scientist David F.--ed.) Ronfeldt and
a colleague coined the term netwar to describe what happens when
loosely-affiliated networks--social activists, terrorists, or drug
cartels--use new information technologies to coordinate action.

3-9-95, CNN News--"Cowabunga" is a term widely associated with surfers and
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it was actually created by Ed Kean, the
head writer for "Howdy Doody," a fact even his wife forgot.

2-7-95, Good Morning America--Discussion of Dysthymia or Chronic Sadness (a
term coined by Spitzer).  (Dr. Robert Spitzer, New York State Psychiatric

2-6-95, Radio TV Reports--Team Simpson is pinning some of their hopes on
Lenore Walker who coined the term battered women's syndrome.

9-7-94, Radio TV Reports--Roswell Gilbert, who shot and killed his wife when
she suffered from Alzheimers and Osteoporosis nine years ago, has died.  He
couldn't stand to see his wife suffer and he spent five years in jail for her
murder.  Jerry Helfman reports that this case coined the phrase, Mercy
Killing.  (Didn't I antedate that phrase to the 1930s?--ed.)

8-9-94, AP--The Country Club of Brookline hides in the heart of the whitest
and wealthiest of Brahmin suburbs, where the driveways look like roads and
it's easy to mistake a house for the club itself.  For more than a century,
the institution that coined the name "country club" kept its membership as
elusive and exclusive as its surroundings.  Only WASPs need apply.

6-11-94, Agence France Presse--The man who coined the phrase "random acts of
kindness" remains upbeat after being mugged and beat up.  Two teenagers beat
Gavin Whitsen, 49, the author of "Guerilla Kindness--A Manual of Good Works,
Kind Acts and Thoughtful Deeds," as he bicycled to a friend's house on

5-31-94, Bloomberg/Business Talk--He (Joe Franklin--ed.) says her (Ginger
Rogers) first role was in "Young Man of Manhattan."  She coined the phrase
"cigarette me big boy" in the movie and it became a popular catch phrase.

5-14-94, Wall Street Week--Great psychoanalyst Eric Ericson died yesterday.
Coined term identity crisis.

5-3-94, Radio TV Reports--Karen DeCrow, the mother of political correctness,
is not pleased with how things turned out.  She coined the phrase in 1975.
Television shows and movies frequently make fun of PC.  (See ADS-L

3-1-94, PR Newswire--(Tim--ed.) Leuliette's address will be on the
globalization of the automotive supply industry and a look at
"glocalization," a term he coined to describe the shrinking global economy.

1-5-94, Agence France Presse--As 1994 got under way, British airwaves and
op-ed pages crackled with controversy over high-tech procreation.  Terms such
as "womb-robbing" and "designer babies" were being coined.

10-26-93, Radio TV Reports--Profile of Herb Block, cartoonist for the
Washington Post.  Herb Block, author, new book, A CARTOONIST'S LIFE.  He
coined the word McCarthyism.

6-24-93, AP--...Paul & Sarah Edwards' Self-Employment Trends, a Santa Monica,
Calif.-based newsletter.  It also reports that "open collar workers," a term
coined to describe work-at-home entrepreneurs, enjoy almost twice the success
rate as people starting an office- or store-based business.

6-4-91, American Political Network--Industrialization creates visible signs
of contamination such as polluted rivers and major fish kills but, according
to ENVIRONMENT's cover story, it is the vast amounts of unseen contamination
that may pose the real danger.  According to the authors, "chemical loading
of the environment can occur long before the effects are observed, the term
chemical time bomb (CTB) has been coined to describe such phenomena."

10-17-89, Business Wire--"Infopreneurs are a new breed of entrepreneurs,"
said Skip Weitzen of Annapolis MD, an information marketing consultant who
coined the word.

8-30-89, UPI--In his recent book, "Command of the Waters: Iron Triangles,
Federal Water Development and Indian Water," Daniel C. McCool, assistant
professor of political science, described the conflict developing between
state and federal water allocation systems.  For decades, an "iron
triangle"--a term coined by journalists for an alliance of congressional
interests, a federal agency and private lobbies on a particular policy
topic--has dominated allocation of federal funds for dams, aqueducts and
other structures, said the author.  (Not in Safire's Political

4-6-89, Xinhua General Overseas News Service--...the program is the largest
of the "debt-for-nature" swaps since the concept was coined in 1987 to
encourage third world nations to resist costly development on environment...

12-20-88, AP--David Cobb, the former radio announcer credited with coining
Nashville's nickname--"Music City, U. S. A."--died following heart surgery.
(...) An account in the Nov. 5, 1964 edition of The Nashville Tennessean said
Cobb ad-libbed an announcement during a 1960 program that "the sounds
listeners were hearing on WSM radio were coming from 'Music City, U. S. A.'"
(The Tennessee-edited RHHDAS has "Music City" from 1976, with no mention of

5-15-88, UPI--The scientist who coined the term "conservation biology" says
the accelerating rate of extinction of Earth's plant and animal life can be
stopped through a bold method of intervention that enither shuns development
nor embraces preservation.  The practice is what Bruce A. Wilcox calls
"sustainable development."

12-27-87, UPI--Rewi Alley, a left-wing New Zealand writer who coined the
phrase "gung ho," meaning "work together," during his 60 years of living in
China, died Sunday of heart failure, the Chinese news agency reported. (...)
He coined the phrase "gung ho," or "work together," in the 1930s as a
shortened name for a movement led by American journalists Helen and Edgar
Snow, who set up small industrial cooperatives for Chinese who were left poor
and homeless by the Japanese occupation.  The phrase was later adopted by a
friend of the Snows, U. S. Marine Lt. Col. Evans Carlson, as the slogan of
his World War II battalion "Carlson's Raiders."  After the 1943 movie "Gung
Ho" lionized Carlson's exploits, the phrase was identified with the Marines.

4-16-86, AP--Journalist Don Hoefler, credited with coining the term "Silicon
Valley" to describe the electronics firms lined up in the once rural Santa
Clara Valley, has died at the age of 63.  Hoefler, who published a weekly
newspaper called Micro-electronics News for the last 14 years, was
hospitalized in March after suffering a stroke and slipped into a coma later
that month.  He died Tuesday.  A former publicist for Fairchild Semiconductor
when the electronics industry was in its infancy, Hoefler first used the term
"Silicon Valley" in 1971 when he wrote a series of articles for the weekly
trade publication Electronics News.

4-8-86, Business Wire--Dr. Camran Nezhat of the Fertility and Endocrinology
Center in Atlanta has coined the term video laseroscopy for this process
whereby the physician makes three tiny incisions in the abdominal area.

3-29-86, UPI--(Robert--ed.) Hampel examines the image of the American high
school as the "last little citadel," a term coined by former New York
Education Commissioner George Stoddard in 1944.

4-29-85, AP--Paul N. Rosenstein-Rodan, a Boston University economics
professor who was influential in international economics and was credited
with coining the term "underdeveloped countries," died Sunday.

4-12-84, UPI--Paul Kelly, who coined the slogan "Variety Vacationland" for
North Carolina, deid Friday.  Kelly, 85, coined the phrase in 1937 when he
worked as the public relations representative of the state Department of
Conservation and Development.

12-13-83, UPI--Victor Mature, for whom the term "beefcake" was coined in the
1940s...  (RHHDAS has term from 1949, with no mention of Mature--ed.)

2-9-81, UPI--Davidson coach Eddie Biedenbach has coined a new
word--"uptempo"--which the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga used to
defeat the Wildcats and climb into a tie for first-place in the Southern
Conference.  (...) "I thought we took some bad shots early, and that created
an uptempo game.  It's tough to catch up on a team that plays uptempo better
than you do."

2-26-79, AP--Alice Rush McKeon, a conservationist and roadside beautification
advocate believed to have coined the word "litterbug," is dead.  She died
Saturday at her home here at age 94.  Mrs. McKeon first used the word
litterbug to describe random discarding of trash in a nationally circulated
booklet on conservation, "The Litterbug Family," in the 1930s.

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