"pop your collar"

Sharon Vaipae lmedu at JPS.NET
Sat Jan 29 07:40:47 UTC 2000

My high school English classes in Tracy, CA are compling a dictionary of
 words and phrases they hear from and use with peers. This one begs to be

"poppin' your collar" - lavishly coordinating, sizzlingly affiliating,
                  manishly bandanaing; spreading your
                                       hustle for massive floss and flow.

The contributor/definition provider was then kind enough to define his own
 definition to mean "dressing so no one mistakes or misses your essence."
He added that schools were "messin' with proper poppin'" because the
fashion of "stuffin'" (big socks stuffed under the tongue of one's loosely
and untied shoes) has been now banned on many campuses.  Why banned?
Possible hiding place for drugs or weapons. Bling, bling.

Sharon Vaipae

                The truth shall make you odd.
                                      -Flannery O'Conner

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