bad hair day

Greg Pulliam pulliam at IIT.EDU
Sun Jan 30 01:07:20 UTC 2000

I don't think this point has been previously made WRT _bad hair day_,
but I missed a few of the early posts on this topic.  So if this
sounds familiar as you read it, just hit the delete key and move on,
and accept my apologies in advance.

When I first heard this term, I immediately folk-parsed it as "bad
hair-day," because to me the idea that a person could have a
hair-day, like they have a work-day or a holiday or a play-day was
hilarious.  The suggestion that "Bill is having a bad hair-day"
indicated to me that Bill was a silly and shallow person, who looked
at his life as a series of hair-days, some good, some bad, and that
all other aspects of his days were somehow subordinate to the quality
of his hair-day.

Parsing this as _bad-hair day_ isn't nearly so wickedly funny, is it?

Or is this just me?


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