Jane Pauley & "Good Hair Days"

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   OK, so I looked for "bad hair day" and forgot to look for "good hair days."

8-2-1989, LOS ANGELES TIMES, home, pg. 1--And I'm having such a good hair day I can hardly stand it.  (Spoken by NBC news announcer Chuck Scarborough--ed.)

10-28-1989, LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS, pg. L21--(Bryant Gumbel of NBC Today Show, to Jane Pauley on her last day--ed.) Over the last eight years, we have covered a lot of ground together, through good-hair days and bad ones.  (Laughter.)

2-9-1990, BACK STAGE, pg. 8--("Leslie Dektor-Directed Shampoo Spot Agrees with Foote, Cone & Belding/SF"-a spot for S. C. Johnson's Agree Shampoo & Conditioner--ed.) A couple of the women discuss whether or not they're having a good "hair day."  As one of the models says, "I feel like going shopping when I have a good hair day--so it can be expensive."

   A few notes before I add this together...Christine Lavin has a hilarious song called "Prisoners of their hairdos," but she first did it in 1990...I tried to check out COSMOPOLITAN, but I had a problem getting to the NYPL on their short hours.  Cosmo runs lots of ads for hair care products, and this catchphrase is something the magazine would use in a story and a headline.  I did NOT find it in a brief check of 1988 and part of 1989.  Cosmo is NOT on Lexis/Nexis and Dow Jones.
   The Agree Shampoo spots first ran in January 1990, but perhaps another hair care product used the phrase first?  Maybe Final Net hair spray?
   What are we to make of Jane Pauley?  The Today show keeps all of its tapes.  Maybe she remembers what show, or what guest she said it before.
   I find it difficult to believe that the phrase was popular before 1988.  Granted that Lexis/Nexis and Dow Jones coverages are not reliable for all of the 1980s, but I found some excellent "good hair" and "bad hair" citations for the early 1980s that should--but didn't--have "day."

420 (continued)

   FWIW (not much?).  From HUMANIST, Jan/Feb 1967, pg. 26:

_420 Psychedelic Travelogs_

_Varieties of Psychedelic Experience_ by R. E. L. Masters and Jean Houston (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York, 1966, $7.95)
(...) Based on 206 personally conducted LSD or peyote session, supplemented by 214 interviews with persons who have obtained their hallucinogens elswhere...
(...)  After plowing through 316 pages of assorted visions by the book's 420 drugged subjects...one can conclude that inner space, indeed, is far wilder and wider than outer space.

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