missing word: mullet

Frank Abate abatefr at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Oct 8 12:22:25 UTC 2000

There is a brief notice (p. 23) in the latest issue (Oct-Nov 2000) of Blink
magazine (sent to earthlink customers) talking about the mullet hairdo, with
an old picture of David Bowie sporting one.  Looks like Bowie from just
after the Ziggy Stardust days, maybe early 80s?  No date on photo.  He has
reddish hair (dyed) and an eyepatch.

It also notes that Billy Ray Cyrus and Andre Agassi wore the mullet haircut.

There's a website: www.mulletgods.com; I did not check it, but the notice
says it is an homage to the hairdo of "rebels and rockers" and
"Camaro-drivin' dudes".

In the early 70s there was a popular cut worn mostly by women like this --
shortish on top and long in the back, but it was called something else -- I
can't recall the term.  Others?

Frank Abate

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