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Is the word you're searching for "expensed"?

GSCole wrote:

> I can't find the applicable publication, but I seem to remember that
> borrow pits are noted somewhere in the U.S. tax code.  Years ago, in an
> undergrad class, a professor noted that the material removed from a
> borrow pit, as by a contractor/owner, could be written off under the tax
> code, much as if oil removed from the ground.  [It is not depreciated,
> there is another term that escapes me at the moment.]  Interestingly,
> the resultant  borrow pit 'hole' is property with value.  If the hole is
> filled in, as with refuse, there is a tax write off once more.
> The above info is not presented as tax advice.  Please see your trusty
> accountant before writing off borrow pit costs.
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